We are honored to announce our partnership with the students of Salesianum, Ursuline and Padua for this year's Salsthon. It is hard to come up with the words to express our Gratitude for just how much this means to our organization. Together we have an opportunity to bring awareness and education to the community about the addiction epidemic. We will also show that recovery is possible. Please click on our programs link to see the high level of services we provide at no cost to the resident, so that those who otherwise could not afford it can have a real chance at Recovery. Please help us make this year's event a huge success.

Michael Duffy
Executive Director

Limen House: A Threshold to Recovery

The Limen House philosophy has been to provide a temporary home for those with no place to live. There the resident learns to change their life and help themselves in an atmosphere of compassion and loving concern. They learn to be responsible for their own choices. The aim is truly restoration - a new life restored to the community.

Who We Are