November 2017

Our main objective at Limen House is to help residents recover from substance abuse and start the process of living life drug & alcohol free. We work with each individual to develop a personalized recovery plan to help restore their life with family and community as sober men and women. Our program for long term recovery includes the following:


  • Weekly Large Group 12-Step Peer Sessions led by Case Managers
  • Weekly Education Group i.e., Relapse Regression, Conflict Resolution, Spirituality Workshop and other various topics.
  • Big Book Study – either weekly (Women’s program) or as part of Big Book Breakdown (i.e., Joe & Charlie tapes, etc.)
  • Weekly Alumni Support Group Meeting. We have a strong alumni program and they are a big part of our program.
  • 2 AA Meetings per day (am/pm) 7 days a week - 1 hour
  • Days of Hope Program:

    Women’s program – currently have very active Days of Hope Program in place. Programs based on Brené Brown’s book The Gifts of Imperfection: 10 Guidepost for Wholehearted Living. Includes: 1x monthly 2 1/2-3 hours & 1 weekend retreat & 1 Day retreat

    Men’s program – currently have in place an active Days of Hope Program to Programs offer residents time to find holistic connections with mind, body, spirit through activities, reflections and sharing. Include: 1x monthly 2 1/2-3 hours & 1 weekend retreat & 1 Day retreat

  • Daily Mindfulness Meditations for both the Men’s program and the Women’s program
  • Bi-Monthly Mindfulness Training with Jim Walsh for both the Men’s Program and the Women’s Program
  • Sponsorship: Residents work with their sponsors at least once a week (review step work which cultivates opportunities to get to know one another), go out for coffee, and go to an AA meeting together at least once every week
  • Volunteer/ Service Partnership with other community based organizations
  • Life coaching – 30-60 minutes per week, or as needed. We provide comprehensive case management and help residents process early recovery issues.


  • Engage (or re-engage) with Medicaid and United Healthcare for existing health needs and preventative care
  • Connect with a Primary Care Physician (PCP) in the Wilmington area for history, physical, blood work, and possibly setting up appointments with specialists
  • Connect with mental health provider for any ongoing therapy and medication compliance and changes if necessary.
  • Connect with Outpatient Drug and Alcohol Treatment provider for additional counseling services.
  • Connect with Delaware Vocational Rehabilitation for help with eye exams & glasses as needed
  • Connect with a dentist -- dental care as needed
  • All appointments for residents are initially attended with case manager, and then residents go with one another working on negotiation/communication skills, self-will, accountability, & responsibility.
  • Connect with Food Bank on nutrition workshops
  • Physical Fitness - YMCA passes so residents can incorporate physical fitness in their personal care plan

  • Residents attend weekly yoga (Women 1 X week- Men 1 X week)
  • CPR, first aid and infectious disease & precautionary control training
  • Special Outings:

    Longwood Gardens at Christmas
    Autumn hayride
    Gratitude Service in November at St. Joseph’s on the Brandywine
    Labor Day Picnic at Bellevue State Park
    Seasonal Sporting Events like softball, etc.

  • Each resident celebrates their birthday & notable milestones in sobriety
  • Personal Time: In addition to activities, residents are encouraged to take time for personal growth and reflection


  • General Education Development (G.E.D.) – obtain High School equivalency credentials
  • Delaware Vocational Rehabilitation:

    Sign up with DVR (for help in seeking employment) where an assessment & treatment plan is developed.

    When residents are ready for job search they work with an Employment Specialist (through DVR) for help in finding employment

  • 2 Fish Home Renovation Work Program (Temporary employment in construction and job skill development for residents coming out of prison)
  • Year Up Program (Provides hands on skill development and corporate internship with stipend for individuals eligible for the program)
  • Weekly visits to Wilmington Public Library for job search and books
  • Note that no one completes our program or leaves Limen House without a job or enrollment to continue education


  • Supporting residents as they work through conditions of Probation if applicable
  • TASC (Treatment Accountability for Safer Communities) – integrating criminal justice and substance abuse treatment systems with resident specific case management
  • Assist residents in keeping any legal obligations or court appointments


  • 5 Principles for Happy and Fulfilling Life with Danny Bader (Spring 2017)
  • Addiction is a Disease partnering with Caron Treatment Center (Summer 2017)
  • Families Hurt, Families Heal partnering with Ashley Treatment Center (Fall 2017)
  • Staying Sober One Holiday at a Time (Winter 2017)


  • Family Education Program to support the families and residents to develop a heathy relationship and enhance personal recovery for all
  • Interview and Resume workshops
  • Financial Literacy workshops with Fulton Bank
  • Stephen Covey 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

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