About Limen House

Our mission is to offer a threshold to recovery and break the cycle of addiction in service to our community.

Some people go their whole lives without ever seeing a miracle. At Limen House, we seeing them every day since our inception in 1969. You, as friends and supporters of Limen House, have not only seen them, but you have helped create them.

The Limen House philosophy has been to provide a temporary home for men and women recovering from substance abuse. At the Limen House, the resident learns to change their life and help themselves in an atmosphere of compassion and loving concern. They learn to be responsible for their own choices. The aim is truly restoration - a new life restored to the community.

The statistics on the devastation of alcoholism and drug addiction are staggering. The need for our program has grown over the years, but thankfully, so has the support of the surrounding community and friends of Limen House. Our sober living program for recovering alcoholics and addicts consists of four sober living houses, two houses serving women and two serving men, all in Wilmington, Delaware. We invite you to read more about the miracles happening at Limen House!

Limen House is part of the system of public services offered by DSAMH

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